Trainwreckstv raises more than $40,000 AUD for Australian wildfire relief

He added $10,000 AUD of his own money.

Popular variety streamer Trainwreckstv raised $41,109 AUD (about $28,300) for the World Wide Fund for Nature Australia to support wildfire relief in the country during an eight-hour stream today. The $40,000 mark was met when Trainwreckstv donated $10,000 himself at the last minute.

“Shout out to SquadW,” he said. “Shout out to the boys. Now it’s my turn, baby…$40,000 raised. We did it, baby. We did it.”

The charity stream began on Saturday and averaged nearly 11,000 viewers with just more than 100,000 hours watched. Among the influencers to join Trainwrecks during his broadcaster were Australian Escape from Tarkov streamer Pestily, World of Warcraft streamer Esfand, and esports reporter Richard Lewis among others. 

Trainwrecks’ efforts mimic that of Australian streamer Kathleen “Loser Fruit” Belsten and her streaming group The Click Crew from earlier this month. That group’s 24-hour stream raised $312,511 AUD that was spread across three charities: Red Cross Disaster Relief Australia, WIRES, and the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

Donations for that event were laden with support from notable streamers including Brett “Dakotaz” Hoffman, Pestily, Imane “Pokimane” Anys, Corinna Kopf, and Felix “xQc” Lengyel. Dakotaz was the top donor for the stream with $21,584 across multiple donations.

Trainwrecks was supportive of Loser Fruit’s 24-hour stream as well, providing one of the event’s top donations with $3,000 AUD.