Streamers support Loser Fruit’s Australian Fire Relief charity marathon

Content creators showed up.

Screengrab via Loserfruit

Australian streamer Loser Fruit and The Click Crew raised $318,511 AUD to support wildfire relief in the country over a 24-hour broadcast yesterday. And while many viewers pitched in, the list of top donors for the event was laden with Twitch personalities.

Loser Fruit tweeted a list of the top 100 donors last night and it was filled with names you might be familiar with, including Dakotaz, Pestily, Trainwreck, Pokimane, VikkStar, Corinna Kopf, and xQc.

Dakotaz led the way with more than $21,000 spread across a few donations, helping the stream beat its initial goal of $15,000 less than an hour into the 24-hour broadcast.

While Dakotaz isn’t from Australia, he said in a tweet that the country holds a “special place” in his heart because he used to play World of Warcraft with people who lived in the country.

English YouTuber Vikkstar also donated five figures with a $10,000 donation, but many other influencers pitched in a few thousand dollars here and there. 

XQc, who recently pledged a donation on stream to Toys for Tots, gave $1,250 to the fire relief cause. His donation is notable because when he initially pledged that he’d donate to charity on his stream during the holiday, wildfire relief was one of the ideas that his chat suggested he support. 

Meanwhile, Australian Escape from Tarkov streamer Pestily, who’s risen to Twitch fame seemingly overnight, pitched in $1,000 of his own money. Earlier last week, he announced that he was doing a charitable drive of his own by taking down donations on his stream and instead insisting that people give to the Starlight Children’s Foundation in Australia. 

Among the other streamers to show up big were Pokimane with $3,332, Trainwreck with $3,000, and Corinna Kopf with $2,158. Donations from the broadcast will be spread across three charities including Red Cross Disaster Relief Australia, WIRES, and the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.