XQc set to give $2,000 to Toys for Tots after beating timed Jump King segment

'Tis the season.

xQc kills off NoPixel RP character
Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

XQc used the prospect of doing good deeds to motivate himself and mobilize his audience while playing Jump King yesterday. 

As a way to challenge himself, the former Overwatch League pro told his chat that if he completed a specific segment of Jump King within an hour, he’d donate $2,000 to the charity of his chat’s choosing.

Sure enough, within the hour, xQc accomplished the feat, leaving him and his audience with a decision to be made. The group needed to decide what charitable cause xQc would donate money to. 

After taking a break from Jump King, the chat discussed potential charity options during a few rounds of CS:GO. With options like St. Jude and wildlife preservation, xQc ultimately chose to donate to Toys for Tots as a way to embody the holiday spirit.

“I don’t want to be wrong, and maybe people will be mad about this,” he said. “I just feel like if you donate to research it matters for sure, but I want it, this one time, to be something it’s immediately impactful.”

XQc ended his stream by giving viewers a poll to select a charity and Toys for Tots won with 65 percent of the vote.

“I always said that if I ever did charity on stream, I wanted to do it the right way,” he said as he posted the poll and results began to roll in.

This isn’t the first time xQc has pledged a notable donation to charity. After being suspended and fined from the Overwatch League in 2018 for making homophobic remarks, the gamer said he would match the $2,000 fine and donate it to an LGBT cause if the league didn’t.