TJB Esports are the champions of the PMPL Western Europe Spring 2022

The top eight teams will compete to become the European champions next month.

Screengrab via Tencent

TJB Esports narrowly edged over Giants Gaming to win the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Western Europe Spring 2022 yesterday evening. 

In an intense three-day final, TJB Esports got two chicken dinners and 84 kills from 18 matches to top the standings table with 194 total points, just three ahead of second-placed Giants Gaming. TJB looked set to take the crown at the end of the third day, but two back-to-back terrible performances in the 17th and 18th match brought Giants terrifyingly close. 

While TJB were eliminated in seventh and 12th position in these two matches, Giants earned the chicken dinner on both occasions to make a last attempt at clinching the title. They fell three points short, however. Giants were the most aggressive team in the finals, though, as they got three chicken dinners and 92 kills, the most out of any team. 

The top eight teams of the PMPL Western Europe have qualified for the PMPL European Championship, which will happen next month. 

Here are the overall standings of the PMPL Western Europe spring finals. 

  1. TJB Esports: 194 points
  2. Giants Gaming: 191 points
  3. Eastern Stars: 175 points
  4. Game-Lord: 174 points
  5. XTeam: 166 points
  6. Clear Vision Esports: 161 points
  7. Penta: 152 points
  8. 4 Romanian Men: 137 points
  9. BIG: 134 points
  10. FTY Esports Kudio: 119 points
  11. Super Young Roster: 115 points
  12. Real Tiger’s 9 UK: 108 points
  13. Shockwave: 87 points
  14. 4 Romanian Boys: 76 points
  15. Unicorns of Love: 70 points
  16. SWAT69: 67 points