Tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile’s Frost Festival game mode

The Frost Festival event brings an updated version of Erangel.

Image via PUBG Mobile

The Frost Festival event has brought new winter-themed content for PUBG Mobile players to enjoy this holiday season.

A few days after the introduction of the event, the Frost Festival game mode has been added in place of the Classic mode.

This new game mode isn’t that different from the Classic game mode in the sense that the rules and gameplay are similar for the most part. But several parts of the map and some features were added to keep the game fresh.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest limited-time game mode that’s been brought to Erangel.

Recognize the castle icons on the map

Screengrab via PUBG Mobile

These icons signal the position of frozen castles on the map. Those locations offer great loot, so it’s a good idea to land there first. They’re usually located on the edges of the map, though, so you have to get there fast before they’re outside of the zone.

Prioritize the loot in the frozen castles

Screengrab via PUBG Mobile

The loot in the frozen castles is of good quality. You might find a nice weapon and level two equipment, as well as funny snowballs.

Those snowballs aren’t actually useful in a fight, however. When thrown, they create a miniature snowman that will last 180 seconds on the map.

Use the ski feature on ice

Screengrab via PUBG Mobile

When you’re running on ice, whether it’s in the frozen castles on the edges of the map or on iced lakes, the “Ski” button will appear. Tap on it to get on a snowboard and travel faster. This can be especially useful to run away from enemies or to go loot in the frozen castles if you haven’t directly landed there and the area shrinks shortly after.

Daily and weekly missions will rotate throughout the event, offering various rewards to players who test out the game mode. These missions include completing matches and spending time in the game mode.

Completing missions also rewards winter coins, which can be spent on exclusive items in the Holiday Market until Jan. 1. The materials can be bought with real money, too.