The start and end dates for all Wild Rift seasons

Ranked and battle pass seasons are different.

Image via Riot Games

Since its beta started at the end of 2020, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Riot’s mobile MOBA, has garnered success in many regions of the world.

The first Wild Pass, Wild Rift‘s battle pass system, joined the game in April 2021 to offer more ways for the players to grind exclusive rewards, with free and premium versions.

Each Wild Pass features 50 tiers to complete. An exclusive Hexplorer skin for Teemo, unique to Wild Rift, is up for grabs this season for premium pass owners. Bonus tiers also offer rewards, up to the 100th tier.

Ranked and battle pass seasons are different in Wild Rift. While ranked seasons last around three months, the battle pass change almost every month.

Since the game is still in beta phase, however, seasons’ duration may vary in the future. Ranked seasons will likely remain longer than battle pass lengths, though.

Here are all of the Wild Rift ranked and battle pass seasons, including their start and end dates.

Ranked season dates

SeasonStart dateEnd date
1Jan. 18, 2021April 2, 2021
2April 2, 2021July 27, 2021
3July 27, 2021

Wild pass dates

SeasonStart dateEnd date
1April 2, 2021July 1, 2021
2July 29, 2021Sept. 6, 2021

Many new features join the game in each ranked season. The latest additions to the mobile game featured a test of the ARAM game mode, a spectator mode, as well as various interface improvements to improve the game experience.