The best mid laners in League of Legends: Wild Rift

No matter your playstyle, there's a champion for you.

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League of Legends: Wild Rift is finally available in North America and most regions around the world.

Despite the similarities to League, Wild Rift boasts a variety of unique tweaks that will force players to change up their champion selection between games and learn the best ways to play. Some champions are identical to their League counterparts, but others have received changes to their kit to suit the smaller map of Wild Rift.

This article will showcase the best champion options for mid lane players looking to climb the rankings.

Here are the best mid lane champions in Wild Rift.


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A popular pick in both League of Legends and Wild Rift, Akali is one of the best mid laners in the game. This mid lane assassin’s power comes from both her high damage output and unmatched mobility. With an identical kit in both games, Akali is perfect for League veterans who are picking up Wild Rift for the first time.

If left unchecked, Akali’s late game is just as powerful as her early and mid game. She can even get to a point where she can easily one-shot some enemy champions. 

While Akali can be difficult to play, she is an excellent pick to climb the ranked ladder. 


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Orianna is another champion whose kit is the same between games. This mid lane caster is perfect for those that prefer a slower pace to their laning phase with the ability to pick apart their opponent. Orianna’s kit is versatile with both the ability to output damage and multiple attacks perfect for the teamfighting situations.

Orianna sends her ball into the center of a battle, using it to deal damage or to contain multiple enemies in an area with her ultimate, Command: Shockwave. 

If you’re after a champion that is perfect for beginners, Orianna is one of the best mid lane champions for you. 


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Introduced to Wild Rift at the beginning of March, Katarina can be just as dominant in Wild Rift as she has proved to be in League. Another mid lane assassin, this champion has a similar playstyle to Akali but her moveset is easier to master. With a high damage output and impressive item scaling, Katarina can snowball out of control with just a few kills.

If you’re wanting to get into playing assassin champions, but haven’t quite mastered Akali, Katarina is a great alternative and can definitely assist in climbing the ranked ladder.

Aurelion Sol

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When it comes to playing mid lane in Wild Rift, high damage output and mobility to reach objectives and evade the enemy offense are necessary. Aurelion Sol boasts both these traits with his unique mage-based skillset. Similar to other champions on this list, Aurelion Sol caters to players who prefer a slower laning phase. But once sufficient items have been built, the champion becomes a powerhouse capable of dueling with the strongest champions.

With the movement speed of Celestial Expansion and the ability to travel over walls with Comet of Legend, Aurelion Sol can be where he needs to be in a short amount of time to help capture objectives or assist other teammates.

As far as mage-based mid lane champions go, Aurelion Sol is one of the best currently in Wild Rift


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Ahri is the perfect pick in the mid lane thanks to her variety of ranged tools and distance-closing abilities. Given the smaller size of the rift, reaching the opposition can be as simple as two dashes from her ultimate. Her other moves also grant her an advantage in laning against most of the high-damage assassin champions commonly played in the role.

Dueling in the open against Ahri can prove difficult for many champions. After landing her charm, Ahri can unload a devastating combination upon her target. 

Ahri can be a beginner’s champion, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be effective for experienced players. If casters fit your playstyle, there’s no passing up Ahri when playing mid lane.