The best Ghost-type Pokémon in Pokémon Go

There's something for every battle.

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Ghost-type Pokémon are some of the most unique and powerful species in Pokémon Go. This type of Pokémon is the perfect choice if you’re heading into a player battle or raid against an enemy using their own Ghost or Psychic-type Pokémon.

In Pokémon Go, there are 18 different types of Pokémon. Each type is stronger or weaker against others. And although some Pokémon can use the same moves, the base statistics for each species are always going to be unique. Due to this, it can be confusing for some players to learn which Pokémon is the best for them to use in different situations.

There’s a variety of different Ghost-type Pokémon in the game, but some are more powerful than others.

Here are the strongest Ghost-type species available in Pokémon Go.

Mega Gengar

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It may come as no surprise a Mega Evolution tops our list. This form of Pokémon, while only a temporary state, still provides a buff across all statistics and becomes the most powerful type of Pokémon in the game.

With a massive 4,902 max CP, Mega Gengar boasts base stats focused on attack with a value of 349. This Pokémon does slightly lack in defense, however, with only 155 dedicated to the stat. This is a pure attacker and should not be used as a defender.

Mega Gengar can produce exceptional damage per second as well as boasting a great total damage output during its time in battle. To get the most damage out of Mega Gengar, you will need to take Lick and Shadow Ball. Mega Gengar has some great resistance, especially against Fighting-type Pokémon, where they’ll only deal 24.4 percent damage to Mega Gengar.

While the Mega Evolution does boost its power substantially, the base form Gengar is also a powerhouse and remains one of the best options in the game if you require a Ghost-type Pokémon.

Origin Giratina

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The most powerful Ghost-type Legendary Pokémon in the game, Giratina has many forms, but its most powerful is Origin Giratina. With over 4,000 CP and great base stat allocation focused on stamina, Origin Giratina boasts the highest total damage output of any Ghost type in the game.

This high damage output comes from a great damage-per-second count paired with durability that will allow Giratina to remain in the fight for a long duration. For the Origin form, you will likely want to take a pair of Ghost-type attacks to get the highest damage-per-second output. The best of these is the fast move Shadow Claw and the charge move Shadow Ball. In its other forms, Giratina Altered and the base Giratina form, taking Dragon Claw in place of Shadow Ball will grant the highest possible DPS output.

While Legendary Pokémon have their limits when it comes to what fights they can be used in, having a powerful Ghost-type Legendary such as Giratina is the perfect addition to any player’s team.


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In some situations, having a dual-type Pokémon is more beneficial than just a single type. This can reduce damage from an enemy in a specific matchup or get access to a different move pairing. Of all the Ghost-type Pokémon with dual typings, Chandelure is one of the more powerful. This Ghost and Fire type can put out some serious damage.

The key base stat for Chandelure is its attack. Outside of the attack, Chandelure’s other stats are slightly lacking.

The combination of moves that provides the highest damage output is Fire Spin and Shadow Ball. This pair of attacks will tear through most of the defenders Chandelure faces. If you’re after a purely Ghost-type attack moveset, however, you can swap Fire Spin for Hex at the cost of a slight reduction in damage output.


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Another dual-type Pokémon, the Ghost and Ground type Golurk is one of the most well-rounded Ghost-type Pokémon in the game.

Boasting multiple damage reductions thanks to its dual typing, this Pokémon is a great defender in a variety of matchups. As far as attacking goes, Golurk can still deliver a great total damage output with the combination of its attacks.

The first and most powerful combination comes from the Ground-type moves Mud-Slap and Earth Power. Using purely Ghost-type moves with Golurk is not a wise decision, since you’ll get the least damage output. But you can opt to keep Earth Power as your charged move and replace Mud-Slap for Astonish as your fast move if you want Ghost-type damage to wear down vulnerable enemies.


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Mismagius boasts very few weaknesses and has a great total damage output.

If you’re after a Pokémon who uses exclusively Ghost-type moves, this is a great pick. With Hex and Shadow Ball, you can get a high damage output that will dominate favorable and neutral matchups.

The other moveset variant for Mismagius would be to take the Dark-type move Sucker Punch in place of Hex, but you won’t need this in a majority of the matchups Mismagius finds itself in.