Team Weibo win season one of Peacekeeper Elite League 2021

The top two teams have qualified for the Peacekeeper Elite Invitational Asia 2021.

Image via Tencent

The first season for the Peacekeeper Elite League 2021 concluded with its finals today. After 20 intense matches, Team Weibo (formerly Elite Esports) came out on top to win the league.

PUBG Mobile competitions in China are played on the game’s Chinese version, called Peacekeeper Elite (also commonly known as Game for Peace).

Team Weibo put up a consistent performance in the finals to take the trophy. Out of the 20 played matches, they placed in the top three 10 times, of which six were chicken dinners. This put them at the top of the rankings table with 224 points, 17 ahead of second-placed Royal Never Give Up (RNG). 

In the regular season, which happened from March 11 to April 11, Weibo and RNG didn’t have the most impressive showing as they finished in fifth and 13th place, respectively. Both teams staged a comeback in the finals, though. 

Weibo and RNG have now qualified for the Peacekeeper Elite Invitational 2021, which will take place from April 27 to 29, according to Liquipedia. It will feature 15 teams from across Asia competing for a share of the 3 million Chinese Yuan (about $460,000) prize pool. 

Each season of the PEL also grants championship points to the top-placed teams. After four seasons in 2021, the teams with the most championship points will represent China in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2021. Weibo and RNG have gotten 10 and five championship points, respectively.

Here are the overall standings of the PEL 2021 season one. 

  1. Team Weibo: 224 points
  2. Royal Never Give Up: 207 points
  3. TeamPai: 206 points
  4. ShowTime: 195 points
  5. Nova Esports: 187 points
  6. Quing Jiu Club: 170 points
  7. Tianba: 166 points
  8. Team Game: 148 points
  9. All Gamers: 143 points
  10. Titan Esports Club: 137 points
  11. LGD Gaming: 136 points
  12. Tong Jia Bao Esports: 105 points
  13. Six Two Eight: 103 points
  14. Still Moving Under Gunfire: 93 points
  15. The Chosen: 84 points