Team EnVyUs releases Soto

Team EnVyUs replaces Soto with Solurs after a remarkable performance at the MLG Launch Invitational

After almost a week of speculation, Team EnVyUs has officially announced the release of Kevin “Soto” Soto from its Gears of War roster. Soto has competed under Team EnVyUs since the beginning of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition in the ESL Pro League. Replacing Soto on the squad will be Brian “Solurs” Valenzuela.

Solurs, who was standing in for Arody “Praized” Dipre, the team’s star player, performed remarkably well at the MLG Launch Invitational. With his assistance, the team reached the finals, where they lost to OpTic Gaming. As Solurs was easily the second-best player at the tournament for EnVy, it was quite clear that someone would be leaving EnVyUs to make room for one of the most talented players in Gears esports and give Solurs an official spot on the roster.

As a former member of OpTic Gaming’s current roster, Solurs will bring a much-needed slaying capability to Team EnVyUs. The organization will now boast a lineup that includes arguably three of Gears esports’ most highly skilled players. This should allow them to compete against OpTic Gaming, a team that has outplaced them at every event of which its official core roster was present.

Did EnVyUs make the right decision? Can they compete with OpTic to be the best team in Gears esports? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us @GAMURScom.

Image credit to Major League Gaming

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