Sylveon is coming to Pokémon UNITE on Oct. 5

Two new Pokémon so close together.

Image via TiMi Studio

TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company aren’t wasting any time with the next update for Pokémon UNITE. Sylveon will make its way to the game on Oct. 5, the two announced today.

This new playable Pokémon will be available less than a week after Mamoswine’s addition, making it one of the fastest times between major content drops since UNITE launched in July. 

Sylveon will be added to the roster as a Ranged Attacker in a similar vein to Alolan Ninetails, including that it will evolve very quickly. Players will start as Eevee and then evolve into Sylveon at level four.

For its moveset, Sylveon appears to have some nice options for dealing with opponents in Mystical Fire and Hyper Voice. 

Mystical Fire will deal damage and lower an opposing Pokémon’s Special Attack, with each successful hit also lowering its own cooldown. Meanwhile, players will need to properly space themselves from their target to use Hyper Voice, because it does more damage the further the target is from you and each sound wave will deal more damage. It will also have a healing move in Draining Kiss and can boost itself with Calm Mind. 

Sylveon will become playable on Oct. 5, though there is no news on if a new balance patch or additional content will be added too. TiMi and The Pokémon Company didn’t share details on which could be the next Pokémon coming to the game after Sylveon either.