Sold-out official Halo boots let you walk like Master Chief

If you were one of the 117 lucky people who bought one, that is.

Image via Paramount+

Halo developer and game studio 343 Industries partnered with Wolverine Hellcat Boots to bring fans a unique brand of Master Chief-inspired apparel. The official Halo boots were available for sale earlier this week in limited numbers, but have since sold out. While they were available, however, they had a price tag of $225.

The boots bear the signature olive-ish green synonymous with the game’s protagonist. Master Chief’s Spartan number, 117, is also emblemed on the shoe as a heel patch. The boots designed by Wolverine go into detail for this special collaboration, even adding the logo for the in-universe group that developed the Spartan armor. To build on the Halo theme, only 117 pairs have been made so far.

Unfortunately for fans, however, the limited supply has already sold out, though the 117th pair is available as part of a giveaway on Wolverine’s official website. It has not yet been announced if this collaboration will see a restock or any future designs based on the Halo universe.

Fans of 343 Industries and the Halo franchise initially approached Wolverine regarding a potential collaboration, stating the company’s existing apparel already resembled the military fashion prevalent in the games. Wolverine went on to then contact 343 Industries about making the collaboration.

“Given our roots in military science fiction, we’ve often heard from our fans that there is an appetite for a boot inspired by the Master Chief,” 343 Director of Halo and Xbox consumer product John Friend said, as spotted by PCGamer. “So, when Wolverine approached us about a collaboration, we were ready to answer the call.”

While fans who missed out the first time around may have to wait and see if the collection will restock, fans can at least appreciate the craftsmanship that came with this limited collection.