Sinnoh Chapter of Pokémon Masters EX Villain Arc set to begin Jan. 12, new sync pair joins the game

Lucas & Dialga will be available during the event.

Image via DeNA

Pokémon Masters EX will hold its latest Villain Arc event, the Sinnoh Chapter on Jan. 12, and along with the new adventure comes a Sync Pair straight from the Sinnoh region.

Also on Jan. 12, Lucas & Dialga will arrive in the Pasio region and be up from grabs via the featured Poke Fair Scout. This new addition is a tech sync pair capable of crafting a Dragon Zone on the battlefield, drastically boosting the attack power of fellow Dragon-type Pokémon.

Along with this, the sync pair Cyrus and Palkia that already exists within the game will have a sixth-star EX added. This sync pair will play a vital role in the new Villain Arc chapter in which Cryus makes his way to the Pasio region.

In this new chapter, it appears that Team Galactic is using Darkrai to cause trainers in the Pasion region to have nightmares. Cyrus is here with the goal of erasing all human spirits from the land.

As this Villain Arc unfolds, there appears to be a lot more Sinnoh content coming to the game, although this is all that has been revealed so far.