Riot cracks down on win trading in Wild Rift

Win trading and match fixing is a bannable offense.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is taking serious action against win trading and match-fixing in Wild Rift, the company announced today.

For the unaware, win trading refers to when players queue together in Wild Rift’s matchmaking to end up in opposite teams. One of the players could then intentionally feed their opponents causing their own team to lose the match. Win trading is more common in the higher ranks of Wild Rift, where the matchmaking is stiffer due to a lower number of players.

Riot has said that win trading is a bannable offense. The company is cracking down on players who do this and will be taking immediate action on some accounts. This includes banning accounts that have a high activity of win trading.

Lesser offenders, on the other hand, will be handed a seven-day ban. All rewards they earned from season one will also be taken away , and their ranks will be reset to Iron IV.

Riot said it will be “cautious” about the criteria it is using to do this so that innocent players aren’t punished unintentionally.

The company also said that competitive integrity is one of its biggest focuses for 2021 in Wild Rift. It will be working on “leveling up” its approach to game balance, cheating, disruptive behavior, and in-game stability to offer players the best experience in the MOBA game.