Rainbow Six Mobile introduced as standalone title for Android and iOS devices

The game has been under development for three years.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Ubisoft has pulled the curtains back on Rainbow Six Mobile, a five-vs-five tactical shooter for Android and iOS devices. The mobile version of Rainbow Six Siege has been built from the ground up and will be a standalone title with no cross-platform play.

The developer said the title has been under development for over three years. While it shares the core gameplay, characters, and maps with Rainbow Six Siege, everything has been rebuilt to optimize it for mobile devices.

Players can register for the upcoming shooter on Ubisoft’s website to get regular updates about its development and get a chance to play before it’s released. The developer has also said that it will be running the “first of many live tests” in the coming weeks to collect community feedback and improve the game. A release date for the game hasn’t been released yet.

“We have put a lot of work under the hood to adapt the Siege experience for mobile devices,” Ubisoft said in a blog post. “This includes an entirely new gameplay control system developed specifically for mobile and extensive optimization of the UI and in-game visual presentation.”

Rainbow Six Mobile will share its maps and operators with Siege, but they have been adapted for smartphones. So far, Ubisoft has revealed Bank and Border as maps in Rainbow Six Mobile. The operators for the Attackers include Ash, Sledge, Twitch, Thermite, and Hibana, while the defending operators are Caveira, Bandit, Smoke, Valkyrie, and Mute.

Ubisoft also assured Rainbow Six Siege fans that the mobile version will not affect the original title. While the Rainbow Six Mobile dev team operates out of the same studio in Montreal, Canada, it’s separate from the team working on Siege.

Ubisoft now joins a long list of developers making mobile versions of their premium titles to enter the emerging market. Aside from Rainbow Six Mobile, mobile versions of Apex Legends, Rogue Company, and Call of Duty: Warzone are in different stages of development.