PUBG: New State will feature Erangel map and TDM mode

During its release, the game will feature four maps.

Image via Krafton

When PUBG: New State was announced earlier this year, only one of its maps, Troi was revealed. This won’t be the only map in the game, however, Krafton confirmed during a recent media showcase.

Daehoon Kim, creative director of New State at Krafton, unveiled an updated Erangel map in the media showcase. Erangel will look quite different in New State, though. The map has been destroyed by years of continuous battles. Daehoon Kim said that the map’s main identity has been maintained, while other parts have been “rebalanced and reinforced.”

“Through future updates, Erangel will gradually transform into a leading Battlegrounds of 2051,” Daehoon Kim said.

Screengrab via Krafton

At launch, PUBG: New State will have four maps. These are the two battle royale maps, Troi and Erangel, along with a training ground, and a team deathmatch map called Station. The battle royale mode can be played in FPP or TPP with a squad or solo.

Screengrab via Krafton

New State will not only release with the traditional battle royale mode. It will also have a four vs. four TDM mode where players can compete in quick matches.

“This new content will allow players to improve their gunplay skills while experimenting with the diverse weapons,” Daehoon Kim added. “PUBG: New State will continue to showcase not only battle royale but also other game modes from the traditional FPS genre.”

Screengrab via Krafton

In the future, Daehoon Kim said that Krafton will be working to add PUBG: Battleground’s existing maps into PUBG: New State. Besides Erangel, the original PUBG on PC has several maps like Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok, and Karakin. The company will also be creating original maps for New State.

“We might add time-limited maps exclusive to brand partnerships and collabs, but our main focus will always be the battle royale gameplay and various updates to further improve or evolve this genre,” Daehoon Kim said.

Before the global release next month, a two-day technical test will be conducted on Oct. 29 and 30. The game will be available in 28 countries around the world for this test.