PUBG Mobile’s online rewards event grants players an M416 skin and more

Players can also get the corn outfit for free.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile’s sixth event as part of the Summer Land event is now live. The online rewards event gives players a chance to earn the corn cover, corn suit, and the jungle skin on the M416 rifle.

It is really easy to get these rewards through the event. Players just have to spend different periods of time in a match to get the skin and other items. The event is open from June 4 to 11.

Here is the time players have to spend in-game to unlock the items:

  • Twenty minutes: Corn Cover (one day)
  • Thirty events: Corn Suit (one day)
  • Forty minutes: Jungle – M416 (one day)

The corn cover and suit are an old outfit in PUBG Mobile. The outfit dresses players up as corn—literally.

Image via Reddit

Once the designated amount of time is spent, players have to navigate to the events page in PUBG Mobile to collect their rewards. All three items will only be available for only one day. 

Screengrab via Tencent

The ongoing Summer Land event features several events that will run until early July. Players will be able to earn a variety of different rewards throughout the summers.

The other ongoing event is the “Jungle Adventure” which is a part of the newly released mode for the Sanhok map. The Jungle Adventure mode adds a variety of features to the classic Sanhok map such as totems, jungle food, and hot air balloons. Players can get special “effects” in this mode by consuming jungle food to empower them in the match.