PUBG Mobile’s Frost Festival has brought new locations to Erangel

Snowy-castles and islands have appeared on Erangel.

Image via PUBG Corp.

After the anticipated PUBG Mobile crossover with Metro Royale, which introduced metro stations, monsters, and a radiation zone on the Erangel map, the game is back with another event.

The Frost Festival has begun in PUBG Mobile. In this, “a cold wave” has hit Erangel and has covered parts of the water with ice. Some of these islands have a snowy-castle where players can land to get some good loot.

The locations of these islands usually change with every game. You will be able to see where the islands and castles are by using the minimap.

Players will be able to pick-up snowballs on these islands. These can be thrown to deploy a snowman and ice sculptures. These structures can also be used as a deployable shield. The islands also have snowboards. Players can use these to quickly travel across the ice.

Screengrab via Tencent

Other than this, several huts along with a “gift pine tree” have been added across Erangel. These can be easily spotted by the Christmas-themed decorations on the hut. Players can go to the hut and click on the decorate button to put up lights in the pine tree while also earning some loot.

The Frost Festival on Erangel can be played by clicking on the map selection screen in the lobby. Make sure that the event marker on the Erangel map is checked. Click on “Start” to enter the match.

The event will run until Jan. 11, 2021.