PUBG Mobile update 0.14.0 is coming on Aug. 14 with a new zombie mode

A lot of new features will also be included in this update.

The release date for PUBG Mobile Update 0.14.0 has finally been revealed. The update will go live on Aug. 14 and introduce the new zombie mode to the battle royale game.

The new zombie mode was teased during the Spring Split finals of the PUBG Mobile Club Open last month. The 0.14.0 beta revealed what the new zombie mode will be like. The mode will be called “Infection” and will pit two teams against each other. One team will be the defenders while the other will be zombies. What makes this new mode so exciting is that players can now play as zombies.

The defenders can pick up and use firearms while the zombies will have to rely on their melee attacks and special abilities to take down the living. Defenders who are attacked by zombies will join the army of the undead. After the countdown ends, zombies win if all the defenders have been killed. If this doesn’t happen, the defenders are the victors even if there’s just one survivor.

There was also a new character system in the beta. Each player will be assigned a character that has a predefined special skill. These skills are restricted to the Evo Ground modes and can’t be used in classic matches. One of these characters is Victor. His special skill comes in the form of reduced reloading time on submachine guns.

Going with the seven seas theme that PUBG Mobile has been teasing for the past few weeks, the background of the menu of the game has been changed to a dock with ships in the back. A seven seas outfit and emote, along with a pirate-skinned boat, has been added to the Erangel spawn area as well.

There will also be some UI changes to the menu and it’ll be more structured. The map selection tab has also received a completely new interface. The waiting lobby in the game will have helicopters as well.

Finally, the Team Deathmatch mode will add the AWM to the map. The AWM will be present in the middle of the map, replacing the M249, and only one person can pick it up.

The complete patch notes for the update should be released in a few days.