PUBG Mobile update 0.13.5 introduces new weapon, season; tier system changes released in beta

New updates are coming out as the Season is ending.

Image via PUBG Mobile

Tencent released the 0.13.5 beta version of PUBG Mobile on its official Discord server for both Android and iOS yesterday, which introduced a new gun to the game, in addition to some changes to the season and tier system.

The PP-19 is the newest gun coming to PUBG Mobile. It’ll be the fifth submachine gun in the battle royale game and will run on 9mm ammunition. The main highlight of this new weapon is its huge magazine size of 53 rounds. Magazine upgrades aren’t supported by the gun, but it can attach all scopes from the red dot or holographic sight to the 6x scope.

All muzzle accessories available for submachine guns can also be attached to the weapon. The single-shot damage value of the gun is 35 and it has a rate of fire similar to the UMP. The gun will be dropping only in Erangel and Vikendi. 

The update also highlighted some changes coming to the game in the next season. The entire season eight outfit will be available in gold tier, whereas reaching the diamond tier will provide the player with season-exclusive weapon finishes. Reaching Crown or above will give the player a sleek team-joining animation and a name tag. Just like past seasons, reaching Ace will grant you a permanent season title. 

The ranking system’s algorithm has been slightly changed in the beta, too. The impact of kills on the ranking points you receive after each game has been increased, so kills will now have a higher effect on a player’s tier. This is good news for people who play aggressively and like to rack up eliminations.

Tier transfer rules have also been revised from season eight. Starting with this season, players whose ranks are below gold will directly progress to the next season without losing any of their ranking points.