PUBG Mobile reportedly made nearly $300 million in July 2021

It was the highest-grossing mobile game last month.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile raked in nearly $300 million in July 2021 to become the highest grossing mobile game worldwide, according to a report by data analytics company Sensor Tower.

This revenue represents a 26.7-percent growth since July 2020. It’s also significantly higher than June 2021, when the game made $213.8 million. This growth can be attributed to the launch of a new season and Royale Pass in July.

The majority of the amount came from PUBG Mobile’s Chinese remake, called Peacekeeper Elite (also known as Game for Peace). The game accounted for 68.4 percent of the total revenue. About 6.7 percent came from the U.S., while six percent was from Turkey.

According to the report, PUBG Mobile was the top-grossing game on Apple’s App Store last month but placed seventh in revenue on the Google Play Store.

Honor of Kings, a mobile MOBA developed by Tencent for China, was the second highest grossing mobile game last month. It made $231.2 million with 94.7 percent of this coming from China. MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact, Niantic’s Pokémon Go, and Roblox were the other games in the top five.

Sensor Tower only tracks revenue from the App Store and Google Play. With Google services blocked in China, Android smartphone users in the country use third-party stores to download and spend money in the games. The actual earnings for these games are likely a bit higher.