PUBG Mobile players will soon be able to view RP missions during a match

You will be able to view RP missions while in battle.

Image via Tencent

The Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile gives a lot of rewards to players. To earn them, however, players have to complete specific missions and advance through the RP levels.

In a recent dev talk, Tencent revealed that it will soon be adding a mission panel that can be accessed during a game. With so many missions to complete, it can be hard for players to recall what missions to complete during a battle. This upcoming feature will solve this problem.

While an official release date hasn’t been revealed, Tencent said that it will be released in “future versions.”

In the dev talk, Tencent revealed several other things as well. One of these is the ability to reload while scoped in on Game for Peace, which is the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile. The devs said this will be added in an “upcoming version.”

Tencent also revealed that the Cheer Park feature is something it takes “very seriously” and will be making several changes in the future. This includes the addition of new interactive modes for players to enjoy. The devs are also working on a solution to other players’ disruptive activities in the Cheer Park, which spoils the experience.