PUBG Mobile Lite season 19 now live with new Winner Pass

Players will have one month to collect all the goodies they can before the season ends.

Image via PUBG

A new season has kicked off on the Lite version of PUBG Mobile, introducing a new Winner Pass with numerous rewards to celebrate the holiday season. The season didn’t bring gameplay changes, however.

The free pass, as well as its Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus versions, are offering rewards for the players who complete missions and earn pass levels.

The owners of the free version of the pass will earn a polar bear-themed headgear for reaching level five, a winter warmth headgear at level 12, and a backpack skin with Christmas trees at level 15. The owners of an upgraded version will earn all of those rewards and more exclusive skins.

Screengrab via PUBG Mobile Lite

The other rewards include a Wintertime UAZ and Parachute skins, as well as a level-three Jubilant Baby Seal helmet skin and other skins with polar animals.

New Winter-themed items also joined the PUBG Mobile Lite’s shop and can be earned in premium crates, such as the Sweet Reindeer and Arctic Witch sets, as well as numerous icy skins for weapons and vehicles.

Season 19 will end on Dec. 31, which allows one month for players to complete all tiers of the Winner Pass and earn as many Winter and Christmas-themed rewards as possible.