PUBG Mobile launches Play As One event to raise funds for COVID-19 relief

Players can raise money by playing PUBG Mobile.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile kicked off its Play As One event earlier today to support the Direct Relief foundation, which protects healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

To raise money, players can simply launch PUBG Mobile’s Classic games and sprint via the “Running Challenge for Donation” event. The donation amount will raise when milestones of distance traveled by sprinting are reached.

On top of raising money for a good cause, sprinting will offer rewards for each milestone reached by the community. The server-wide sprinting distance can be seen every day. For the first day, the distance has already surpassed 143 million kilometers.

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Players can also donate by going directly to this website, where it’s possible to keep track of the total amount raised until the end of the event on July 28.

The Direct Relief foundation provides support for healthcare workers by building a medication stockpile to assist with an anticipated spike in ICU patients, as well as increasing “support to safety-net facilities which address existing chronic gaps that are likely to grow.”

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile’s competitive season 14 launched this month and will last until September, when rewards will be given out depending on a player’s rank. The first exclusive map in PUBG Mobile, Livik, was also introduced. Several challenges reward players who try out the map.