PUBG Mobile bans over 2.3 million accounts in a week for hacking

The majority of the hackers were banned for modifying the character model.

Image via Tencent

Happy holidays to all, except those who cheat in video games.

As a gift to players, Tencent permanently banned 2,395,953 accounts from Dec. 18 to 24 for using hacks in PUBG Mobile. The majority of the accounts were banned for modifying the character model. Other common cheats included ones involving auto-aim, X-ray vision, and speed hacks.

Here is the complete breakdown of cheats the hackers were using:

  • Modification of the character model: 23 percent
  • Auto-aim hacks: 16 percent
  • Speed hacks: 14 percent
  • X-ray vision: 14 percent
  • Modification of area damage: 13 percent
  • Other: 20 percent

Hackers continue to be a big problem in the mobile battle royale game. Tencent issues an anti-cheating report every week to ensure fans that action against hackers is being actively taken. The weekly report usually has over 1.5 million banned accounts.

What makes the hacker problem in PUBG Mobile even more annoying is that you can encounter them at any rank, although Bronze players comprise a plurality of the bans. This week’s breakdown of the rank the banned accounts were in is an indication of this.

  • Conqueror: 2 percent
  • Ace: 7 percent
  • Crown: 14 percent
  • Diamond: 16 percent
  • Platinum: 14 percent
  • Gold: 10 percent
  • Silver: 8 percent
  • Bronze: 29 percent

Earlier this week, PUBG Mobile posted a short film of a player using hacks in the game. The short film showed the consequences of hacking in the game.