PUBG Mobile May 27 anti-cheating report: Over 850,000 hackers banned

Most of the hackers were using auto-aim and x-ray vision hacks.

Image via Tencent

Hackers have always been a big problem in PUBG Mobile. The popular battle royale game releases an anti-cheating report every week to assure players that action is being taken against cheaters. In one week, from May 21 to 27, the game has banned 853,945 hackers.

Around 46 percent of the accounts were caught using auto-aim and x-ray vision hacks, according to Tencent’s report yesterday. Eighteen percent were using speed hacks while 20 percent were modifying their area damage and character model. About 16 percent of the accounts were banned for other reasons.

Tencent also revealed the rank distribution of the hackers:

  • Bronze: 32 percent
  • Silver: 10 percent
  • Gold: Eight percent
  • Platinum: 10 percent
  • Diamond: 14 percent
  • Crown: 15 percent
  • Ace: 10 percent
  • Conqueror: One percent

While PUBG Mobile has an in-built hack detection system, some cheaters can bypass this. Players can report these hackers, though, to serve them justice. These reports are individually evaluated by Tencent. The report button appears in the post-results screen of a match.

Once you click on it, a new window will pop up listing various reasons for the report. Players can also manually tell the reason for the report by using the text box in the window. If a player you report gets banned, you will receive a notification for the same.