PUBG Corp. to invest $100 million in India as PUBG Mobile returns, will establish “largest” esports league in the country

The company is making big moves in India.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile is coming back to India and PUBG Corp. will be investing $100 million into the “development and vitalization of related industries” in the country, the company announced today.

PUBG Mobile was banned by India’s ministry of electronics and IT (MeitY) on Sept. 2 for allegedly stealing users’ data and transmitting it to servers outside of India. But today, PUBG Corp. revealed that it’s releasing a separate version of the game in the country while keeping data security in mind.

PUBG Mobile India will have some differences from the global version of the game, though. This includes green blood effects, playing time limits, and it’ll be set in a “virtual simulation training ground.”

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The company also said it’ll be managing all information more securely. Protecting the security of users’ data will be a “top priority,” according to today’s announcement.

PUBG Corp. plans to set up an office in India that will employ at least 100 people. The company said these people will specialize in game development, business, and esports. It claims that this is the largest investment by a Korean company in India excluding manufacturing.

PUBG Corp. will also be hosting a “professional esports league” exclusively for India. It plans to make this the “largest” esports event in the country. Recently, the company announced a franchised league for PUBG Mobile in Japan with a prize pool of over $2.8 million. Something similar could happen in India as well.


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