Prop Hunt and Attack of the Undead are returning to Call of Duty: Mobile this season

Season nine keeps getting better.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season nine brought a lot of new features to the game including the Gunsmith system, battle royale changes, and more. Some older ones are also returning to the game, namely the Prop Hunt mode and the Attack of the Undead mode. 

In the Aug. 20 community update by Activision, it was revealed that the Prop Hunt mode will finally be coming back to CoD: Mobile. The mode will arrive on Aug. 27 at 7pm CT. 

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For the unaware, in Prop Hunt, there are two teams. One consists of humans while the other selects different items or “props.” The team which selects these props will be able to control them and perform certain actions like jumping, duplicating themselves, or throwing a flashbang. Identical “fake props” will also be scattered around the map. 

The props have to hide on the map amongst the fake ones. The team of humans has to find the real props and shoot them before the timer runs out. 

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The Prop Hunt mode isn’t the only one returning as season seven’s Attack of the Undead mode will also be coming soon. When a Reddit user requested Activision to add the Attack of the Undead mode back to CODM, the company replied this will be happening later this season. 

In today’s community update, Activision already revealed all upcoming features until Sept. 3. Hence, the Attack of the Undead mode will likely be coming after this. It will arrive before Sept. 11, however, which is when season nine is scheduled to end. 

In this mode, one players is randomly chosen to become the undead at the beginning of the match. The player has to infect the survivors before the time runs out. The undead respawn on being killed while survivors turn into the undead. Survivors can make use of weapons. The undead, on the other hand, will be equipped with just a knife.