How to play the Finest Hour event in Call of Duty: Mobile

Players can get Nikolai Belinski from the event.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Finest Hour Event is here. The highlighted season nine event will give players the chance to earn Nikolai Belinski, the MSMC with Rosie camo, and much more. It will go on until Sept. 2.

The event is unlike any other of the game’s past events. In this, players have to choose a side among the allied forces to defeat the axis in war-ravaged Europe. Players can side either with the Allied West or the Allied East.

What is the main goal?

The main goal of the Finest Hour event is to liberate the central city. This could either be Berlin or Bayern based on the side you picked. To liberate these central cities, players will have to conquer several other cities leading to it. The trick in this event is to find the best route to do this.

Image via Activision

Attacking all cities will give players Nikolai Belinski. Attacking the central city, on the other hand, will reward players with the MSMC – Rosie.

How to attack cities

The first thing to do before launching an attack is to collect troops. These troops can be collected by simply playing multiplayer or battle royale matches. The troops you get per match will be indicated at the top after a match is completed. Players will get more troops on playing the newly-released 10-versus-10 modes.

Players will also have to make their soldiers stronger to liberate Europe. This can be done by upgrading your weapon levels in the gunsmith. The total levels of all your guns will be indicated in the Finest Hour Event screen. The more the level, the stronger your troops.

When this is done, click on the “view map” option on the bottom right of the event screen. Players will be able to see a map of Europe with stars on several major cities. Simply select these stars and click on the attack button. Each attack will grant some rewards as well.

Other tips

Before launching an attack, it is important to analyze the casualties you may face. These will be indicated upon selecting a city on the event page. It is important to strategize attacks according to these statistics.

Enemy cities are easier to attack when friendly-ally occupied ones surround it.

Calling on to a friend for reinforcements before an attack will make things even easier. If this attack turns out to be successful, the friend will also receive some rewards.

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