Call of Duty: Mobile’s 10-vs-10 modes cannot be played on Shipment 1944

Players will have to wait.

Image via Activision

The anticipated 10-vs-10 Team Deathmatch (TDM) and Domination modes arrived in Call of Duty: Mobile today. These action-packed modes will be playable on Crossfire, Takeoff, and Meltdown. 

When the mode was first revealed in the season nine patch notes, players couldn’t help but notice that Shipment 1944 was one of the maps these modes could be played on. For many, playing on the tiny map with 19 other people is something they wanted to experience. 

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Unfortunately, this won’t happen just yet. In the Aug. 20 community update on Reddit, Activision revealed the map won’t be added to the initial playlist of maps getting the mode. The developer said the modes will be coming to Shipment 1944 “later.” With the 10-vs-10 modes’ event running until Sept. 2, players shouldn’t have to wait long to experience them on Shipment 1944. 

To make up for the higher number of players, the point limit in TDM matches has been increased to 100. For Shipment 1944, the point limit will be 200, however. 

The Finest Hour event also dropped into CODM today. This unique event gives players the chance to earn Nikolai Belinski. Players have to select a side, build troops, and liberate Europe from the Axis.