Professor Kukui, Furret walk, and potential Z Move references discovered in Pokémon Go datamine

Potential future content references and a meme being used in some form.

Image via Niantic

With the backend launch of version 0.235.0, several new bits of text have been discovered that points to upcoming content that might be ready to drop into Pokémon Go, including hints at Z Moves potentially getting some time to shine.

In the full teardown of the new build, via datamining group PokeMiners, new text added for the Stufful Community Day scheduled for April 23 includes one specific line that is a direct reference to the Pokémon Professor of the Alola Region, Professor Kukui. 

In the Community Day Special Research quest text, Professor Willow is studying a Strufful you have captured when he is hit directly by the powerful Pokémon’s flailing. He notes that at least this way he got to “experience its strength firsthand” and remembers he has a “colleague studying Pokémon moves who’d love to hear all about this.”

Kukui is known for studying Pokémon moves and the unique nature of each attack, sometimes even taking the attacks himself to learn more about them, with Z Moves being the seventh generation’s unique battle mechanic that acts as a one-time use super attack, of sorts. These boosted moves would make an interesting addition to Pokémon Go’s battle system as a potential special attack that players can use under certain circumstances.

This is a bit of a reach because the mechanic itself isn’t directly mentioned and the line of text could easily just be a nod to Kukui himself, but with Mega Evolution already being added, Z Moves could come later down the line too. Perhaps even during the Season of Alola before it ends in June. 

As for other notable data, a new Weekly Exploration Challenge feature or event using a placeholder name Furret Walk was discovered, though it only mentions players will need to “walk around the world.” This is almost assuredly in reference to the popular Pokémon community meme featuring the Normal-type.

Another new event titled Old Friends, New Beginnings Event was also discovered. It will have Timed Research and will likely be revealed in the coming months. Additionally, more bonus text for the Stufful Community Day are also available to view along with the full breakdown on the PokeMiners website.