Pokémon UNITE player secures the perfect pentakill with Gardevoir

She must be psychic.

Images via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon UNITE has been available for more than a month now, and players are beginning to master their favorite Pokémon.

One Gardevoir player showed off some true mastery of the species kit as well as some impeccable timing, scoring a Pentakill in a recent gameplay clip.

The player shared their victorious outplay in a post that showcased just how much burst damage Gardevoir is capable of doing in the right situation. In what looks to have been quite an even game, the player’s team was looking to take Zapdos, while Gardevoir noticed the entire enemy team heading towards the pit.

Hidden in a bush, Gardevoir cast its UNITE move Fairy Singularity on all five unexpecting foes, drawing them into the damage zone before following up with both Psylock and Moonblast to close the show.

Along with the five-player KO streak, this play allowed the team to secure Zapdos and go on to score enough points to take over the game. As can be seen in the clip, this play was enough to deter the enemy from any more action, and they chose to surrender the game.

Whether it was the setup, map awareness, or just Gardevoir’s power this game-changing play was one of the best UNITE moments we’ve seen recently.