Pokémon UNITE Club membership in-game subscription service is now live

After a short delay, Pokémon UNITE has launched its UNITE Club membership.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

After a short delay, Pokémon UNITE has launched its UNITE Club membership—a monthly subscription service that gives players access to exclusive items, discounts, and free Aeos Gems every day. 

The membership, which costs $9.99, will try to entice players with deals like a Holowear of the Month, discounts for previously released items in the shop, and a 40 Aeos Gem bonus per day that will eventually allow them to purchase premium items at no additional cost.

The main appeal of the UNITE Club will be the Holowear of the Month deal, which will essentially give subscribers access to an exclusive costume each month for cheaper than what it would likely go for in the shop if it were to be released as an Aeos Gem-exclusive purchase. 

You can subscribe for $9.99 to get exclusive items and daily premium currency.
Image via TiMi Studio

The 40 Aeos Gem bonus per day will translate to roughly 1,200 Gems per month, or the equivalent of around $19.99 if you were to purchase the Gems from the shop. If players actively play UNITE and have premium items they want to purchase from the in-game shop, this membership is actually a net positive, even if the other offerings don’t really stand out. 

Additionally, players will gain free trials for select Pokémon Unite Licenses, allowing them to be used in certain matchmaking lobbies, along with the ability to trial two Holowear items for free per week. Exclusive quick chat options, special items, and a permanent 10 percent discount on older Trainer Fashion items will also be included. And, first-time subscribers will automatically unlock a Fashion set themed around Hoopa.

This service was leaked at the end of April and met with skepticism from fans, as many view it as another way for The Pokémon Company to monetize a game that has slowly increased its methods of pushing microtransactions since launching last July. Things like premium Holowear that cost $40, locking the newest playable Pokémon behind a timed paywall, and other previous additions have left parts of the community burnt out at the costs. 

Just be aware that you will only be able to claim certain rewards, like the daily Aeos Gems, on the platform you subscribe to the UNITE Club on.