Pokémon Go Bidoof Breakout to add new moves, shiny Bidoof

There's nowhere left to hide, the Bidoof are coming.

Image via Niantic

Do you like Bidoof? Of course you do. And Niantic knows that the Normal-type is beloved in the Pokémon community, so it’s announced a new Pokémon Go event—the Bidoof Breakout. 

Running from June 25 to July 1, players will encounter many Bidoof, including shiny Bidoof, which is making its Pokémon Go debut. 

In all aspects of the game, the Plump Mouse Pokémon is going to be appearing more frequently. Whether it be in the wild, raids, or special encounters after completing the new event-exclusive Field Research, Bidoof will be there. 

Outside of a chance encounter with shiny Bidoof during the event, there will be special moves you can teach to your Bidoof depending on the day. Using a Charged TM or evolving a Bidoof at any point between June 25 and July 1 will give it some new attacks that it and its evolved form, Bibarel, didn’t have access to before. 

There will also be different bonuses available on each date. 

  • June 25 to 26: Charged TM will teach Bidoof Shadow Ball
    • Double capture XP
  • June 27 to June 28: Charged TM will teach Bidoof Thunderbolt
    • Triple capture XP
  • June 29 to June 30: Charged TM will teach Bidoof Ice Beam
    • Quadruple capture XP
  • Evolve Bidoof into Bibarel during the event and the Bibarel will know Hyper Beam

Team Go Rocket will also be crashing the event, turning more Bidoof into Shadow Pokémon. And a special surprise might be added on June 28.