Pokémon Go Battle League is down for server maintenance

You can expect some fixes, and maybe new issues, once it goes back up.

Image via Niantic

Niantic is running some server maintenance for Pokémon Go Battle League today, which means the game mode will be unavailable for a set period of time. 

As of 2pm CT, GBL will be down for an estimated four hours while the developers work on optimizing the competitive aspect of the game. 

This down period will see Niantic trying to implement larger changes to GBL to address some of the persisting bugs and issues that players continue to experience when playing. This includes potential fixes for the ongoing lag spikes and animation glitches that have been plaguing battlers during season seven. 

Here are just a few of the specific issues that will likely be addressed. 

  • Incorrect Pokémon asset is sometimes shown during battle
  • Fast Attacks are inconsistently thrown when opponent throws Charged Attack
  • Charged Attack button does not work when tapped
  • Charged Attack and Switch buttons disappear
  • Animation of Trainer throwing Poké Ball played repeatedly
  • Post-win screen does not have any buttons to continue to next battle

When these maintenance periods begin, Niantic rarely takes the full four hours to get the servers back up. But in the case of GBL updates, the team will likely take the full time to ensure no additional problems pop up that could cause more downtime being needed in the future. 

Players should prepare for some continued issues or even new problems to pop up once the GBL goes live again later tonight simply because that’s typically what happens when new changes are implemented.