PMPL North America qualified team banned for using hacks

The team allegedly used exploits in the PMCO finals.

Image via Tencent

The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) North America will kick off next week, but a team has already been banned from the competition for cheating.

PUBG Mobile Esports announced today Warning6 has been banned. The team was found using exploits and cheating in the Club Open (PMCO) North America spring split finals which happened last month. They will now forfeit their earnings and placement from the PMCO North America because of this.

Warning6 had put up a decent performance in the finals with six top-five finishes in 16 matches. The team managed to accumulate 114 points and finished at eighth place in the overall leaderboards to qualify for the PMPL North America.

After the team’s disqualification today, the next highest-placed team, Dior Esports, has qualified for the PMPL North America.

Hackers have always been a problem in the PMCOs, which feature open-for-all qualifiers. This split, however, Tencent cracked down on them swiftly and showed more transparency in the teams it banned and the reasons for it. Around 70 teams have been banned from the spring split of the PMCO alone across all regions.

The upcoming PMPL North America will be the first one for the region. From 2021, the Americas Pro League was split into North America, Latin America, and Brazil. The North American Pro League will be played from March 23 to April 11, according to Liquipedia.

Nine teams have received a direct invite to the Pro League based on their past performance. The remaining 12 have qualified through the PMCO North America spring split. Here are all the teams in the PMPL North America, according to Liquipedia.

Invited Teams

  • Lazarus
  • 19esports
  • XSET
  • TheUnnamed
  • Nova Esports NA
  • Pittsburgh Knights
  • S7
  • Tribe Gaming
  • The Hitlist

Qualified Teams

  • Enigma Fan Club
  • Mezexis Esports NA
  • Helping Quit Addiction
  • Team JCR
  • Passion Fruit
  • Syndicate
  • SegmentX
  • We Support Farmers
  • Pro Era
  • Dior Esport
  • The Panthers