PMPL Indonesia’s new points system could become the standard for PUBG Mobile esports in the future

The new points system seems better.

Image via Tencent

The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Indonesia is getting a new scoring system, Tencent announced today.

PUBG Mobile esports usually has a standard point distribution system for all tournaments. Thus, this could be implemented for all tournaments going forward.

The main change in the new system is that the placement points given for coming in the first place will be decreased. In the past, the difference in placement points between first and second was six. In the new system, however, the difference is just three points.

This will undoubtedly affect match rankings since a more aggressive team that finishes in second can still place first when the kill points are added up. Each kill grants one point still in the new system.

Another major change is at the bottom of the rankings. Thirteenth to 16th place will now grant zero placement points. Earlier, these teams got one point. Teams that come between eighth and 12th place, on the other hand, will be given one placement point.

Here’s the new scoring system for the PMPL Indonesia season two:

Image via Tencent

The PMPL Indonesia will be held from Aug. 14 to Sept. 17. Twenty-four teams will be competing in the league that features a $150,000 prize pool.