PMCO Regional Finals for North America, MENA, and wildcard region to be held this weekend

Spots at the global finals will be up for grabs.

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Top squads from North America, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and the wildcard regions will battle in the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split regional finals on Oct. 19 and 20.

Each region will have a separate regional final where 16 teams will be competing. The teams had to make their make way through intense group stage and semifinal matches to earn a spot in the finals.

The winner from each regional final will have a chance to represent their region at the PMCO Fall Split Global Finals in Malaysia later this year. The runners-up from each region and the third-placed squad from NA will also be traveling to Malaysia, but they’ll have to fight their way through the prelims to earn a spot at the global finals. 

North America (NA)

Here are the 16 teams involved in the PMCO NA regional finals.

  • Team Totality
  • Pittsburgh Knights
  • Tribe Gaming
  • The Unnamed
  • Cloud9
  • Spacestation Gaming
  • OMEN Elite
  • Wildcard
  • 8DP Gold
  • Infinex Gaming
  • Tempo Storm
  • Revenants
  • Team 9
  • Method
  • Avapxia Gaming

Fans will definitely keep their eyes on Spacestation Gaming, who were the previous split’s champions from NA. The team haven’t been able to replicate that performance in this split, however, coming in 10th at the group stage and sixth in the semifinals.

Ten matches are scheduled to be played across the two days. The games will be streamed in English on YouTube and Twitch, with the first match beginning on 10pm CT. The casters for the tournament are David “MustacheDave” Meyer and Stephen Craig.

Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

The MENA region is a new addition to the tournament. Last split, the region was only restricted to the Middle East. Fans will be interested to find out which new teams step into the fray as a result of this expansion.

The 16 squads participating in the MENA regional finals are:

  • SYR Team
  • SNP
  • The real Deal
  • SWAT69
  • Good Game
  • Executer
  • 46 LOOT
  • Kurd Squad
  • MiliTaryB
  • Uncharted
  • iKurd
  • ME Assassains
  • Kurd is 1
  • Dvendetta
  • Abstruse

The tournament will be streamed on YouTube and Twitch in Arabic and English starting at 12pm CT. The Arabic casters are Tariq “kOde” Al Khataneh and Mustafa “Starfall” Aly, while the English talent includes Dunne “Brainstorm” William and Lehane “Smash” William. Ten matches will be played across the two days.

Wildcard region

The wildcard region consists of teams from parts of the world that weren’t included in any of the main PMCO regions, such as large parts of Africa, North Asia, and Oceania.

The 16 squads that have made it to the wildcard regional finals are:

  • Rose Esports
  • NOVA Esports
  • WatchMyGP
  • DelayNoMore
  • UnicornGaming
  • SNG Club
  • NoMercy
  • Marauders
  • Nomad Gaming
  • 404error
  • JUPLAY Team
  • AsiaGaming
  • GoodBoys

Ten matches will be played in the wildcard regional finals as well. The games will be streamed in English on YouTube and Twitch starting at 7am CT. The casters will be MustacheDave and Craig.