PMCO Europe and South America concludes with Brazilian Killers and Team Unique qualifying for the global finals

The teams won the regional finals for South America and Europe to qualify.

Image via PUBG Mobile

The regional finals of the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) for Europe and South America ran from June 2 to 3 and had a prize pool of $75,000 and $25,000 respectively. The winner of the regional finals earned direct qualifications to the PMCO Spring Global Championship from July 28 to 29 while the runners up qualified for the preliminary stage of the global championship.

In Europe, Team Unique put up a surprising performance across the two days securing four chicken dinners in 10 matches to top the finals position table and qualify for the global championship. Team Unique was in the fifth position in the semifinal stage and really improved their gameplay to pull out this feat. They scored 241 points in the regional finals and were 49 points ahead of the runners up- Deformia Meditari 99.

Deformi Meditary 99 was the winners of the semifinals where they put up a dominant performance. The team got three chicken dinners, but it was their 138 kills in the 16 semifinal matches that helped them top the semifinals table. The team would have won the finals as well had it not been for Team Unique’s surprising performance. Deformi Meditari 99 still have a chance at the $400,000 PMCO Spring Global Championships as they have qualified for the preliminary stage of the tournament.

Image via PUBG Mobile
Europe Regional finals point table

In South America, Brazilian Killers were the winners with four chicken dinners and 41 kills in 10 matches. The Brazilian squad also surprised everyone with their performance as they were No. 11 in the semifinals and No. 8 in the group stage. No one could have expected that the squad would go on to represent South America at the global championship.

The real surprise, however, was BRC: the Argentina/ Uruguay squad who finished a close second place to Brazilian Killers. The team only got one chicken dinner but it was their 61 kills, the most in the SA regional finals, that secured them a berth at the preliminary stage of the PMCO Spring Global Championship.

BRC’s qualification was a real surprise as the team had a below average run in the group and semifinal stages of the tournament. The team was placed No. 16 in the group stage and if they would have been a position lower, they would not have qualified for the semifinals. In the semifinals, the team showed a bit of potential as they got one chicken dinner and 71 kills which managed to get them to No. 8 position.  

Image via PUBG Mobile
South America regional finals point table

The PMCO Regional Finals for North America, Middle East, India, and the Wildcard region will be held in the coming weeks which will determine the other teams that are going to play in the PMCO Spring Global Championship this July.