Origen; The Faithful Return of Veterans.

It was less than five months ago that the whole LoL scene witnessed the dismantling of Fnatic, a fan-favorite team in Europe watched as it crumbled to Samsung Galaxy Blue into a leading exit from the S4 World Championships.

It was less than five months ago that the whole LoL scene witnessed the dismantling of  Fnatic, a fan-favorite team in Europe watched as it crumbled to Samsung Galaxy Blue into a leading exit from the S4 World Championships. Lauri “Cyanide” Happonen retired, Martin “Rekkles” Larssons left for Alliance and Paul “SoAz” Boyer and Enrique Cedeño Martínez “xPeke” both stood down. What many saw as the strongest lineup in Europe was torn to tatters. Fans pleaded for the truth behind the departures, but to this day hasn’t been exactly stated of why.

Origen was officially stated in early December of 2014. Quickly, there was a mediocre panic across the LoL community to the players of the team, only revealing the Mid-Laner himself, xPeke. Speculation continued towards who would play where, with many superstitions, including ‘TouchMyTagada’ and ‘Zvenillian’. These players were only covers for the eventual players to being SoAz and Jesper “Niels” Svenningsen, and so, along with former TSM Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider and S3 World Championship attendee Alfonso Aguirre Rodriguez “Mithy” the team was set. It was only a quick dismantlement of a ranked fives’ ladders to reach the European Challenger Series.

The Start, The Beginning.

xPeke stated, “It was something I wanted to do for a long time, to create a new team.” In the teams reveal in Spain, where-as he was accepting to swallow the pill and leave his beloved Fnatic. The time was right, and with the experience and leadership of xPeke, it was only a matter of time before we would see Origen destroying the Challenger Series, quickly in five weeks with the lineup completing a result of 9-1 in a rather lack-luster competition – only dropping a game to LowLandLions. 

The Challenger Series Spring Split playoffs was the next destination for Origen, they were the obvious favorites to been promoted to the European LCS taking away the spot of Meet Your Makers. The playoffs saw again the same composure from the veterans, making amends around Reason Gaming before dropping a game to them, to facing Copenhagen Wolves Academy in the final, the only team stood a chance to facing the near clean sweepers of the Challenger Spring Split. The finals saw xPeke showing his prime picks and captaining of Origen, leading them into the European LCS 3-0 after a 28 minutes dismantlement in Game Three. An interview about the history and prospects of Origen, stating about the team and the questions about why he left Fnatic and creating a new team, stating, “I was never nervous, I knew these guys had experience except Niels.” Now, the easy earned yards were well behind them and had to prepare themselves to move and play in the European LCS. 

When asked on the Analyst Desk after the victory of Copenhagen Wolves Academy, xPeke stated that Origen would be “Middle-Table, or something if we play something, or maybe we play better in LCS.” which can be made a fair statement for a team that cannot be compared to an LCS team, yet. From what was became an idea from xPeke to turning every box checked, Origen qualified in ‘boss’ fashion to the Europlean LCS. Without any hiccups along the way, momentum will be roaring for Origen come the Summer Split.

The Return of Veterans, The Faithful.


The eventual returns of many well-known names of the LCS meant that the fan support coming behind Origen would be enormous, adding a burden behind Origen to wanting to become an European LCS team. SoAz and xPeke were world championship attendees, a bonded friendship in-between and now reconnecting back. The Roster is strong, considering that Amazing is a aggressive jungler that fits the liking’s and play style towards xPeke makes Origen a dividend team that can use their aggression to overwhelm the Summer Split. Niels is without a doubt, a fantastic AD carry that again fit the style that Origen will be willing to be named and acknowledge for. He was named over xPeke in the Challenger Series finals MVP for noticable reasons, xPeke may be willing to let loose and not take over games come Summer Split. The Summer Split for European LCS looks delicious, teams that are all relevant strong fighting for Points to hit all of their goals: Make Worlds. Possibly, it will be a scrap-heap for the top positions now that another well strong team has entered into the running to place there name in for Worlds. Origen will not be an under-looked team in any circumstances coming into any game, regardless if they are fan favorites or not. 

But what can be realistic standings for Origen? It’s certainty unpredictable to see that they may be able to win the European LCS, but they will come knocking on the door of Fnatic to see. Without a doubt, Fnatic will be the team Origen will willing focus down in the standings, and with the eventual and emotional rematch of xPeke against his beloved Fnatic, will create a spectacle amazement for eSports fans. They are a young team, like-most, but with the necessary experience to lead from the front and the aggressive players of SoAz and Amazing, they can be a contender for the Summer Split title.

Whatever will face Origen, they have the checklist to being able to face towards any contender and the champions, Fnatic. It all begins for Origen in a months time, for now they are to prepare for what may be a blockbuster Summer Split and something that every League of Legends Player should be tuning into and cheering on there teams.