Oranguru, Shiny Cherubi to appear during Pokémon Go’s annual Sustainability Week event

Play, sustain, and catch Pokémon.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go’s annual Sustainability Week is back for another round of promoting an active and sustainable lifestyle for players around the world, with several bonuses and new pieces of content being added to the game for the first time. 

The event, which runs from April 20 to 25 will bring players back to the Lush Jungle as Oranguru, the Sage Pokémon, makes its Pokémon Go debut. The Normal/Psychic-type is known for its extreme intelligence and spends a lot of time meditating or participating in battles of wit with other smart Pokémon like Slowking. 

Along with Orangaru, other Pokémon-themed around nature and recycling will also be appearing more frequently. This includes Turtwig, Oddish, Cherubi, Grimer, and Trubbish. Cherubi will also be available as a Shiny for the first time if players are lucky enough to find one. 

New Field and Timed Research will be live throughout the event, focusing on walking set distances and nature-inspired content, with a new Collection Challenge being added too. And, on April 23, for every player who clocks 5km or more walked during the Stufful Community Day event, Niantic will plant a tree, up to 100,000 trees.

Players will need to use a Mossy Lure to complete certain tasks and challenges because certain Pokémon like Gloom and Weepinbell will only appear when the items are in use. Thankfully, you can claim an event box with a Mossy Lure Module once the event goes live in the in-game shop for free. 

Niantic is also pushing one other new piece of content live during Sustainability Week. For the first time, players will get double XP for spinning a PokéStop for the first time, promoting players to walk a greater distance to take advantage of the bonus.


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