Noxcrew unveils map changes and more for Minecraft MC Championships (MCC) 14, Season 2

There are dozens of changes being implemented for the next season of the Minecraft Championship series.

Image via Noxcrew

Noxcrew took more than five months off between Minecraft Championship events, using the time away to recharge and revamp the popular event series into something that will keep the content rolling with a refreshed look. 

MCC season two, which kicks off with MCC 14 on May 29, will be the first time some of this new content is shown off. But Noxcrew won’t be revealing everything all at once. 

Noxcrew released a video today detailing some of the new content that the team worked on for the new season, including an updated hub, a new coin for players who win season two events, and much more. Most of the work involves updated visuals that just make the server more vibrant or streamlined, with tons of new joke areas and references to past events. 

The changes extend beyond the server too, with Noxcrew launching MCC Live, a new live service that will let viewers easily track the scores for the event and access every individual competitor’s point of view. Noxcrew is also teaming up with artist JLemongrass and every competitor to make stylized avatar images to use in team announcements moving forward. 

Noxcrew is even changing its approach to running the event, starting with announcing all of the games that will be played during an MCC ahead of time on social media. This is being done to be more transparent and to give players an opportunity to train in those specific games ahead of time. 

MCC 14 will launch with eight games in the pool, but Noxcrew plans to eventually expand it to 10 games per event to ensure a small element of randomness is still included in the selection process. 

Many of the games have also received big updates, whether they’re visual or in how they play. 

  • Ace Race got a new map set in space with dynamic pathing.
  • Survival Games got a new map too, based on Noxcrew’s Millionaire Mansions 2, along with multiple gameplay additions like boats.
  • Hole in the Wall now has more shapes and a platform that shrinks from the inside out over time.
  • Big Sales at Built Mart got some big changes too, getting a complete redesign that will see players soaring through the sky to reach different areas, with Noxcrew also accepting fan’s build ideas.
  • The final game for every event Dodgebolt, got a new and enhanced arena, with more ways for players to support their favorite teams that are competing for an MCC title.

An entire album of the music used during MCC competitions, including for all of the games, has been published across streaming platforms like Spotify too. 

Noxcrew will be announcing another “big thing” at the end of MCC 14, which starts on May 29 at 2pm CT on Twitch.