Here are the notes and updates for New State Mobile’s Patch 0.9.26 (March update)

Vehicles have received a big nerf in this update.

Image via Krafton

New State Mobile’s March update has ushered in Patch 0.9.26 to the game with a new weapon, changes to Erangel, and big nerfs to vehicles in the battle royale title.

The update has also brought the second season to New State Mobile. Players’ ranks have been reset based on their highest rank in the previous season. Several changes have also been made to tier progression with this patch. Here are the notes and updates for New State Mobile’s Patch 0.9.26.

New weapon: MG3

  • It’s an LMG that uses 7.62mm ammo and has a magazine capacity of 75 rounds.
    It will spawn in Care Packages on all maps. It can also appear in Weapons Boxes in the Police Station on Chester in Troi.
  • The gun has two rates of fire, 660RPM and 990RPM with the latter being the default rate of fire.
  • At 990 RPM, it deals the most damage of any weapons in the game.

New gun customizations

  • Vector [C2] Drum Magazine
    • The Drum Magazine increases the Vector’s magazine capacity to 45 bullets.
    • The attachment decreases the reload speed, however.
  • Mini-14 [C2] Open Stock Slot
    • The C2 can be used to equip the Tactical Stock on the Mini-14. It enhances stability and recoil control.
    • The ADS speed gets slightly decreased, however.

Survivor pass Vol. 5

  • A new Survival Pass has arrived into New State Mobile. Players can unlock Cynthia Song of Project Justice by completing all the story missions.
    Players can get the Shadow Assassin costume set by upgrading to the Premium Pass.
  • The Premium Pass gives enough NC to players to purchase the next volume of the Survival Pass.

Lobby theme update

  • The lobby theme has been updated with a Spring look to mark the season.

Season two

  • The second season of New State Mobile is arriving with this update. On opening the game, players will see a summary for the season one and the rewards they earned.
  • Tiers have been reset based on players’ ranks in season one.
  • Tier rewards and the Tier Points system has been revamped. New rewards have been added for players who reach the Conqueror Tier.

Erangel update

  • New areas have been added or revamped to the southwestern region of the Erangel map.
  • Avanpost
    • It’s a new area on Erangel, which is currently under construction.
  • Ferry Pier
    • The number of containers and warehouses has been increased. This will increase the amount of items that spawn in this area.
  • Dock
    • A factory has been added to the middle of the Quarry.
    • It will increase the loot in the area.

Vehicle balance updates

  • The overall spawn rates of vehicles have been slightly increased.
  • The electric car Electron and the gasoline-fueled boat, Waverider, will now spawn on Erangel.
  • Motorbikes with sidecars and the Aquarail will no longer spawn.
  • EV Batteries are now available for purchase in the Drone Store.

Map balance updates

  • Certain buildings with complex interior structures have been changed for easier farming and character movement.
  • Window sizes have been increased to make parkouring easier.
  • Buildings and internal structural layouts of construction sites have undergone small changes.

BR: Extreme (Troi)

  • The initial Playzone has been set to be more dynamic.
  • Supply planes will not be deployed after phase four.
  • Survivors will not longer be able to redeploy teammates using the Green Flare Gun after phase five.



  • The stats for the RDM and TDM modes can now be viewed on the statistics screen.
  • The career results for both these modes have also been added to the Career Results screen.

Round Deathmatch (Arena)

  • The Care Packages in the middle of the arena have been changed so that the items will spawn inside the package every round.
  • The spawn area has been increased and spawn locations of players have been adjusted to fix the issue where players would be inhibited by their teammates’ movements.

Team Deathmatch (Station)

  • Several new elimination have been added.
    • Headshot: Eliminate an enemy with a shot to the head
    • Strike: Eliminate an enemy with a frag grenade
    • Kingslayer: Eliminate the player with the highest score on the enemy team
    • Revenge: Eliminate the player who killed you during your next life/respawn
    • Killing Spree: Eliminate three enemies without dying

Balance changes


  • L85A3
    • Damage: Increased from 39 to 41.
    • Damage drop-off distance: Slightly increased.
  • SKS
    • Muzzle velocity: Slightly increased
  • Kar98k [C1] Customization – Enhanced Bolt
    • Bolt-action speed: Increased by approximately 10 percent.
  • MP5K [C1] Customization – Laser Sight
    • The customization’s penalty, which increased the MP5K’s horizontal recoil, has been slightly reduced.
  • Mini-14 [C1] Customization – Polymer Receiver
    • Damage: Increased by four
    • Recoil control: Decreased
  • S686 [C1] Customization – Double Trigger
    • This customization has been changed so that you can now switch between single-fire and burst-fire modes.
  • Choke (SG)
    • Pellet spread: Slightly decreased.


  • Riding Shot Nerfs
    • When firing a weapon from a vehicle, weapons will have:
    • Increased bullet spread
    • Reduced recoil control
    • The updated values for these stats differ for each weapon.
  • Volta Nerfs
    • Acceleration: The Volta’s acceleration when using the boost has been decreased.
    • Handling: The Volta’s left/right handling angles have been decreased.
    • Sound: The volume of the Volta’s driving sound has been increased.
  • Hitbox Adjustments (Volta, UAZ)
    • The exterior areas of the car frames that covered the hitbox of passengers have been modified for both vehicles.
    • Hitboxes of passengers riding a Volta or UAZ have been slightly increased.
  • Vehicle Handling Buffs (Nova, Mesta)
    • Novas and Mestas have been updated so that turning will have reduced skid and increased recovery.
    • The suspensions of the Nova and Mesta have been enhanced.
    • Both vehicles will have better recovery after landing and turning, allowing them to quickly drive forwards.
  • Vehicle Explosion Nerf
    • Players will now be knocked instead of dying instantly when a vehicle explodes.
  • Trunk
    • Items that are stored in the Trunk will now be highlighted and displayed when the Trunk button appears.
    • A new Trunk button animation has been added.
    • This animation will trigger when additional items are stored in the Trunk while the Trunk button is visible.


  • Each area of the body will result in a different sound effect when hit with bullets.
  • A unique sound effect will play when an enemy is shot in the torso so that players can easily identify where their enemies were hit.
  • Sound effects will differ depending on if and what type of body armor the enemy player is wearing.
  • Parkour: The volume and audible range of sound effects when parkouring have been increased.
  • Combat Roll: A sound effect has been added to combat rolls.


  • Green/Red Flare Guns have been improved so that redeployed teammates and Care Packages are dropped closer to the location where the gun was fired.
  • Co-op Revive/Recruit speeds have been increased.
  • Two teammates: Six to five seconds.
  • Three teammates: Four to three seconds.
  • Pans will spawn more frequently in Troi and Erangel.

A lot of quality of life upgrades and bug fixes have also been made in this update. Players can read about these here.