Nintendo could reportedly be dropping the price of base Nintendo Switch models next week

The Switch OLED model might be preceded by the original getting a price cut.

Image via Nintendo

Early reports show that Nintendo might be slashing prices for the original Nintendo Switch console models as early as next week.

According to French deal tracking website Nintend’Alerts, Nintendo could be dropping the original Switch variant’s price from the standard $299 to as little as $249 on Sept. 13. There has been no confirmation from Nintendo that this price cut is coming, although it lines up with previous decisions from the company in years past as we approach the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED on Oct. 8. 

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Typically, with the release of new console models or variants, Nintendo will drop the price of the previous models. This lets more users get their hands on the console, while not necessarily being forced to pay a premium price for improved hardware if they don’t care about that sort of thing and just want access to the system’s library. 

That pricing model was typically only used for Nintendo’s handheld systems like the Nintendo DS and 3DS, with each subsequent iteration knocking the previous’ price down. For the Switch, this would be the first price cut since it launched in March 2017. 

We will have to wait for Nintendo to officially announce this decision or for the price cuts to take effect at stores and online retailers.