Ninja rage quits and ends stream 5 minutes into a ranked League of Legends match

FF at 15—or five?

Screengrab via Ninja

After fully committing himself to the ranked grind in League of Legends, Ninja seemingly reached a breaking point in his most recent stream today.

Following a rough start to his ranked game, Ninja jumped into a two-vs-three fight before dying and immediately leaving the game. Shortly afterwards, he ended his stream.

Playing in the ADC role, Ninja chose Tristana with a support Karma into the enemy team’s Jinx and Pantheon combination.

This matchup proved difficult for Ninja’s lane. Karma was caught out and eliminated early within the game, and it didn’t take long for the enemy team to snowball from there. Pantheon choose to push deep into the lane and secure a kill on Tristana, forcing Ninja to give up his farm to the tower.

After his second death, Ninja pushed up and engaged on the opposing bot lane duo, but he was quickly eliminated as Rammus approached from behind. This fight happened only five minutes into the match, and shortly afterwards, Ninja exited the game and the League client before shutting off his stream entirely.

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Over the last month, Ninja has consistently streamed his ranked grind on League and managed to reach Platinum IV.

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