Niantic releases first Pokémon Go developer diaries video, confirms next Community Day dates

The final two Community Days of 2021 now have dates.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go has finally released the first episode of its Dev Diaries series. This episode gave fans an inside look at how Community Days are made, how they work, and some details and hints of what’s to come next.

Shared to the Pokémon Go YouTube channel earlier today as part of the September task force update, Niantic director of product marketing Michael Steranka answered some common questions about Community Days.

Community Day is a monthly event that takes place in Pokémon Go themed around a select Pokémon species. During this time, that Pokémon will be available at a massively increased rate. Players then have the opportunity to collect special rewards or easily hunt for a shiny version of the species.

While the Pokémon for next month’s event wasn’t explicitly shared, a hint was given that it’d be an Electric Pokémon from the Sinnoh region. More importantly for players, though, the dates have now been provided for the next two Community Day events to round out 2021.

November’s Community Day will be held on Nov. 21, while December will round out the year with two back-to-back days on Dec. 18 and 19. In the future, Niantic will be sharing the dates for all three Community Days at the beginning of each season, meaning that in January, we’ll know the dates for the start of 2022.

Next week, an announcement will be made detailing which Pokémon is going to be highlighted in November’s Community Day. If you want to learn more about Niantic’s process for picking each Pokémon, check out the Dev Diary on the Pokémon Go YouTube channel.