Niantic overhauling Pokémon Go raid visuals, adding raid-related Trainer Achievements

Some additional summer updates are hitting Pokémon Go raids soon.

Image via Niantic

Leading into July, Niantic has been sharing a lot of upcoming changes that it’ll be making to Pokémon Go, including updates to the core functions of Raid Battles. 

Raids have been an integral part of Pokémon Go for four years now. And to celebrate that milestone, along with the game’s fifth anniversary, new Trainer Achievements, visual changes, and more bonuses will be dropping soon. 

Trainer Achievements will be used as additional ways for players to be recognized for performing well in raids. There will also be new medals available that can be earned by completing each requirement and those can be leveled up from bronze to silver and gold medals. 

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Here are some of the achievements being added: 

  • Delivering the final attack
  • Dealing the most damage overall
  • Keeping a single Pokémon in battle for the longest time of all participants
  • Using the tallest Pokémon among all participants in battle
  • Joining the raid from furthest distance
  • Using a Mega-Evolved Pokémon during the battle
  • Changing your avatar’s clothing or pose
  • Using the most Charged Attacks of all participants

A visual update is also coming to raids, with the Raid Battle stadium getting an all new look, along with user interface changes, and more. 

No date has been given for when these updates will go live, but more announcements are scheduled to drop in the near future.