Niantic announce Galarian Ponyta Timed Research and makeup content

This is to provide players makeup content for a previous error involving Shiny Galarian Ponyta.

Image via Niantic

Due to a previous error involving the appearance of Shiny Galarian Ponyta during the Pokémon Go Luminous Legends Y event, Niantic is offering a makeup bonus. 

From June 1 to 8, players will see Galarian Ponyta appearing more often in 7km Eggs. Additionally, a new set of Timed Research will be released revolving around Galarian Ponyta. This research will reward players with multiple encounters with the Psychic-type, along with bonus items. 

Niantic is launching this makeup content due to an error that accidentally disabled Shiny Galarian Ponyta encounters from May 18 to 24. 

During that period, players were supposed to have an increased chance at encountering Shiny Galarian Ponyta since they finished the Fairy-type Catch Challenge. The bonus was live until the start of the Luminous Legends Y event, but players pointed out the error starting on social media

After a full week, Niantic marked the issue on the Pokémon Go known issues page and announced this makeup content.