New State Mobile update 0.9.26 to bring changes to Erangel, new weapon, and more

The game's second season is almost here too.

Image via Krafton

New State Mobile’s update 0.9.26 will be deploying soon and it’s bringing a few changes to the Erangel map, a new season, weapon, two attachments, and several other changes. 

The changes to Erangel are mostly focused on the Southwestern region of the map. A new area called Avanpost has been added. Currently, it’s under construction and will build up in the next few updates. Additionally, a new loot area and a large factory have been added to Ferry Pier and Quarry, respectively. 

Screengrab via Krafton

Krafton is also adjusting the item and vehicle spawn rate in Erangel. Players can find the Electron electric vehicle on the map with this update. 

The upcoming weapon to New State Mobile in update 0.9.26 is the MG3. It’s an automatic weapon that has a large bullet capacity of 75. The gun uses the 7.62 ammunition type. 

Screengrab via Krafton

The two new attachments are being introduced for the Vector and the Mini 14 with both guns unlocking the C2 attachment slot. For the Vector, this will allow players to equip the drum magazine which will increase its capacity to 45 bullets but will decrease the reload speed. The Mini 14, on the other hand, will be able to equip the Tactical Stock which will increase the stability of the weapon at the expense of a little ADS speed. 

Update 0.9.26 is also set to introduce New State Mobile’s second season. Players’ ranks will be reset based on their final survival tier in season one. Players will be able to get a Parachute Skin in season two, and the ones who stay at Conqueror by the end of the season will be rewarded with a free gun upgrade.