New datamine reveals early text for Pokémon Snap crossover event in Pokémon Go

Lots of snapshot quests and other cool details.

Image via Niantic

A bunch of new information was pushed in an update to the backend of Pokémon Go, including details about a potential crossover themed around the upcoming release of New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap is set to release for the Nintendo Switch on April 30, and datamining group PokéMiners has discovered text mentioning an event called the “Pokémon Snap Celebration” and several quests that revolve around taking snapshots of specific Pokémon. 

There aren’t many specific details about the new event included in the update, but we do know that Hoothoot will likely have some significance because it is singled out in the quests and has its own set of text. Outside of that, the quests mention taking snapshots of Wild Pokémon that seem to be linked to specific areas, such as the desert for Geodude, Sandshrew, and Cacnea for one task. 

Additionally, there are multiple quests for specific types of Pokémon with the wording “Take {0} Snapshots of Wild Dragon-type Pokémon” included in the data, too. 

There are also several smaller updates being pushed, including another quest that mentions catching Trubbish, which is likely being added for Sustainability Week later this month. Friendship Day also had a few text updates, which reveal that it should be getting a Collection Challenge. 

Pokédex Categories have been renamed to Pokédex Classifications and some general text updates for quests and other details were added. You can read more about the full data breakdown on The Silph Road Reddit.